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The original Villa Bella Hotel was located in the town of Christiana, Manchester, in the house which is now the home of Mr. Audley Shaw, sitting Member of Parliament for the area.

Villa Bella Hotel was opened in 1941 by Ida Steers - the 40-year-old daughter of John Foreman, the leading businessman in Christiana at the time. Mrs. Steers was a lady of impeccable taste and this was reflected in her selection of china and silverware pieces some of which still remain today.

These were imported from England and bore the Hotel's Crest. A woman of great charm, she was the perfect hostess and was known to go to great lengths to make her guests comfortable.

Villa Bella Hotel, was established during a period popularly known as "old style tourism". In fact, it is the only hotel in the parish that has survived to today, and ranked with almost any hotel in Jamaica.

It was a time when beaches held little, if any, charm. Unnecessary exposure to the sun was frowned on. The attraction of the hills lay in their cool, mild climate which was reminiscent of an English summer. New Castle, Moneague, Mandeville and Christiana were prime tourist spots.

The demeanor and tradition of Hotel Villa Bella was British. Overseas guests stayed for two to three months. It was for many a winter destination. In addition, the British who worked here, vacationed in the hills to escape the heat of the city and to enjoy some of the traditional pleasures of the Colonial period - such as afternoon High Tea, which is still served to this day.

In May 2001, the business was sold to Colibri Resorts and Properties Ltd. It was renamed Hotel Villa Bella.

The hotel offers an authentic Jamaican experience and targets nature lovers, adventurers such as cavers, hikers, bird watchers and those interested in exploring the Jamaican culture. It is the perfect venue for individuals and groups undertaking activities for church, family re-unions, weddings, research, retreats and most indoor or outdoor functions. Our doors are open to all - every guest is a VIP and a special welcome awaits resident Jamaicans and those visiting from abroad.